Digital Product Analyst

My internship with The Walt Disney Company as a Digital Product Analyst on the Food & Beverage Digital Guest Experience Team (Aug 2019 – Dec 2019).

Mobile Ordering expands to more locations than ever:

Before my arrival at The Walt Disney Company, they had chosen to add 35+ location to those that offer mobile ordering across both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. These new locations included in-park restaurants to expand the current services offered, as well as never-before-offered resort mobile ordering.

It was part of my job to help launch in-app Adobe takeovers promoting these locations. I spoke with restaurant operators & marketing to determine the best images and design for the promotion. After approving the design & mockups with my team, we worked with legal to approve the copy. Using Adobe Analytics to maintain metric tracking for each promotion, we were able to see the impact our promotions were making both within the app and for the specific restaurants we were promoting. Check out the video below for a holiday item we promoted at Woody’s Lunch Box in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.

One screen to track it all:

Over the course of my internship, I was in charge of maintaining all of the mobile ordering related metrics – from daily vs monthly users to average order variance and everything in between. If there was a question about our performance, I was the go to person because I knew the metrics better than the back of my hand.

My bosses asked me to create a dashboard for their supervisor that could be a quick look into both the mobile ordering metrics, as well as the online reservations metrics. It was a fairly ambiguous request without many details on what information our supervisor was looking for or how he wanted it displayed. I took it upon myself to create a dashboard linking together a variety of our other dashboards, for a one-stop-shop of metrics for the F&B Digital Guest Experience. After a few iterations and learning all the ins & outs of linking together Google sheet data, I had a completed product that they still use today.

It’s a dynamic dashboard that automatically pulls in the data from our other dashboards. It displays the KPIs for both mobile ordering & online reservations (dining & non-dining) comparing the current fiscal week to the prior. It can also be seen quarter-over-quarter or year-over-year. The charts break down the various categories we have within each KPI to get a better look at what might be causing problems. There are links on the right to the detailed dashboards from which the data is pulling.

Screenshot of the F&B digital dashboard. There is a white background, a blue banner across the top, and a green banner underneath the blue banner. On the left side there is a green & gray box displaying the Mobile Order adoption & AOV variance for DLR & WDW for both the current week & prior week. There is a green & gray box displaying the Dine & Non-dine reservation % booked online for both DLR & WDW for the current & prior weeks. There are four graphs displaying the same data in the boxes over the past 8 fiscal weeks. On the left there are links to other resources.

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