Figma Prototypes

During my current job as a Business Analyst, I’ve taken the initiative to bring Figma to my teams. Prior to my arrival, most design was done through sketching and chatting. I introduced Figma to our process, bridging the gap between stakeholders and engineers with a simple design. This also allowed me to work on user testing and interviews in order to iterate to the best possible product before it was coded.

Workforce Wellbeing KPI

I was charged with leading the development of an enterprise-wide wellbeing key performance indicator. The plan is to take data to evaluate how the company is performing in different areas of wellbeing – leave, physical & mental, lifestyle, and financial.


OpenDesk, a play on OpenTable, allows employees to reserve and lend desks at buildings across the WMA. Some people live much closer to a building than the one they work at, so this tool was designed to help employees find desks closer to their home thus shortening their commute.

Guess Who?

Guess Who? has had many names to include Einstein and Xavier. It’s most recent name, Xavier, gives more of a hint to what it’s used for – to find those with special skills. My company has access to loads of data, and Xavier was to use that data to allow managers, employees, and a certain group to find current employees that fit any criteria that was needed. Think of it like Professor X(avier)’s machine, Cerebro!

Panel Assist

In order to get promoted at my company, there are panels that evaluate the employee’s last year (or however long since they were last promoted) of performance. These panels can be non-comparative (for junior employees) and competitive (for senior employees). After all the panels are over, they do a large analysis on the experience and demographics of those that were promoted to see where the company might have biases. Panel Assist was a tool designed to give a live look at that data, in order to alleviate the burden on the time spent doing the analysis after panels were over.

Lease Lord

LeaseLord is a tool to help a department within my company to keep track of leases held by my company and our partner organizations. We were approached with an excel sheet that was their current way to tracking and validating lease information. I designed the below interface in order for them to have a more user friendly way of tracking and validating leases.